P5.xr - help with pre-alpha testing on new XR library for p5

Hi all!

I have been working alongside Vedhant Agarwal (@vedhant) on a library that allows you to make any p5 WEBGL sketch work in XR. Currently this is in pre-alpha release, we haven’t released documentation or builds yet, but you can help us know which hardware is and is not working by trying the following on your phone. This is part of a last push leading up to the alpha release which is targeting mid-fall.

Try it out:

Using a recent version of Chrome or Firefox on a phone, do the following steps:

(If using Firefox, skip straight to 4)

  1. On your phone enter chrome://flags into the URL bar.
  2. Type webxr into the search bar
  3. Set everything here to ‘Enabled’
  4. Try one of these examples
  5. In the example press the ‘Enter XR’ Button
  6. Look around, tilt your phone, you should see a rotating cube.
  7. If this doesn’t work for you, add an issue to the Github, be sure to mention your browser version, hardware, and mobile operating system.

If you’d like to try other things, there are more examples in the github readme along with Editor links that will show you a bit about how to use the library. The most important change to getting started is that you need to put:

createVRCanvas() in preload()

Thank you!


Hi all,

Just following up to say that the alpha release is available. This release is mostly VR-Complete with Google Carboard, and has some simple support for AR.

The documentation website is here.