P5.speech; Raspberry-pi Browser

Hello everyone!

I have got a problem with p5.js-speech, or p5.js-speech has a problem with my raspberry browser.
I downloaded everything, which is necessary for this, linked it correctly, and my “code” works fine on my windows machine. Maybe you could help me:
I just want to get speech out of my raspberry through my speakers. I think everything should work fine, but there is no sound. My raspberry plays the music from youtube.

I also tested this website: http://ability.nyu.edu/p5.js-speech/examples/01simple.html
It works on my windows computer but not on the raspberry…
Could you help me please?

kind regards

same here,

DEBIAN stretch
Linux version 4.14.70-v7+
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3

– using Mozilla Firefox ESR not help.
– a local copy with updated P5.js to 0.7.2 not help