P5.sound.js with p5.svg.js

Hello. I’ve been using the p5.svg.js library that I downloaded from here: https://github.com/zenozeng/p5.js-svg/releases with a compatible version of p5.js that was supplied.

I’d like to now use the p5.sound.js library in conjunction with p5.svg.js, however, the latest version seems to not work with p5.js that is compatible with p5.svg.js.

Any work-around? Thanks!


The p5.js-svg seems to require and comes bundled with p5.js version 0.4.13. You could try using the p5.sound.js version that came with that version of p5.js.


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Thanks. This didn’t work because I suspect the older version of p5js misses some of the later functions that p5.sound.js requires.

I’ll just keep working with pixels for now and hope someone takes up the p5.svg.js project! :slight_smile: