P5.js used for background data-vis of Vector Festival, an online new media arts festival

This week in Toronto, Vector Festival, a new media festival is happening. The festival is organized by Inter/Access.

Typically it’s been a more IRL event, but because of everything going on it’s moved online. Most of the events/programming is free, some are live-streamed and there are 3 new media curatorial exhibits part of the festival. For bringing it online, I was the one who conceptualized, planned and developed the platform along with integrating a realtime data-visualization artwork in p5.js, GLSL and web sockets that live as the background of the site. The idea was to try and create a subtle shared experience on the site, this being in realtime you can also experience other attendees’ presence within the site. The “presence” of others is their realtime influence on the background created by visitors interactions such as clicks, scrolls and mouse moves that anonymously get shared with all other visitors as they navigate through the exhibitions.

Feel free to check it out https://2020.vectorfestival.org/. I also have a longer artist statement on the curatorial page that goes more into the artistic concept behind the integrated artwork.