P5.js not working on Google Chrome nor Opera ( Cannot read property 'addModule' )

I am pretty new to this, but ive been dealing with this problem of my p5.js not showing up on Chrome or Opera. It works on Windows IE and Safari totally fine. Got any suggestions or is there a fix?
Thanks a lot, leaving console message from Chrome here:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘addModule’ of undefined
at p5.sound.min.js:2
at Array.map ()
at _. (p5.sound.min.js:2)
at _. (p5.min.js:3)
at Array.forEach ()
at new _ (p5.min.js:3)
at p5.min.js:3


Welcome to the community! :wink:

In order for us to help you, could you provide the following information :

  • Operating system and version

  • Source code or project libraries used (or the line producing the error)

  • p5hs version