P5 js editor blocked by Avast- new problem

Hi Folks- yesterday I was working on a project. There were no isssues with the P5 editor. I came back a few hours later and a warning message from Avast came up. This has never happened to me before using P5 JS.

Has anyone else found this problem?


Can you click on “See details” and share with us?


I think it is a over zealous virus blocker, but the strange bit is that it only recently began to happen and I have not changed my settings/virus protection…

it could have to do with the recent changes to the editor. there is a thread about another problem that mentions some of the things that the editor does now and includes links to more information.

i’m sure someone will have more information about it. as for myself i believe it is safe and you are correct that your vs is over zealous in its blocking.