[p5] I want to make a web so that many people can watch the video

[p5] I want to make a web so that many people can watch the video.

  1. p5 library
  • vida : Vida
    Using the library above, we made it possible to view the video on the WEB.
  • We tested that you can view the video through the library above.
  1. Approximate number of people connecting: About 100

  2. Are there any precautions when making it?

  • Use a fixed IP.
  • I want to use a general PC as a server (IIS, Windows).

I would appreciate any advice from someone who has made a web that plays videos.


Are you talking about streaming a video in realtime like YouTube? Do you want everyone to see the video at the exact same timeline time?

If it’s just storing a video on a server and serving it through HTTP then displaying it on the client side, it shouldn’t be too complicated…

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Dear Josephh,
Thank you for answer.

  1. It’s not streaming.

  2. Multiple users play the already specified video.
    (View the video saved on the server.)

  3. You want to place about 100 training videos.

  4. About 100 random users should watch training videos at random times.

  5. Windows Computer Specifications

Having a service, will there be any problem?

Yes I mean the easiest solution is to try it and if it’s too slow or doesn’t perform well, you might want to optimize your code / network setup / hardware setup.

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I’ll share it later when it comes out.

Thanks for your kind reply.

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