P3D: Window doesn't open

Whenever I open a P3D sketch and try to run it, a window opens as usual.
However once I edit the sketch and try to run it, no window appears.

There is a window icon on the task bar, however clicking on it doesn’t open any windows. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

I am working on windows 11, if that helps

Hello @martin1 and welcome to the forum!

Which version of Processing are you running?
Are any of the included P3D examples working for you?

I am using v4.0.1.

The examples seem to be working fine, however the problem seems inconsistent, as it is currently not failing to open the window.

I am using PeasyCam to easily move the camera, could this be the reason why it sometimes fails?

I see! Issues that seem to happen randomly can be really frustrating. That said, if you can find a way to consistently reproduce the issue and share a minimal sketch that isolates the bug, it will make it a lot easier to help you :slight_smile:


Hello @martin1 and @sableRaph I was dealing with the same bug.
Using Processing 4.0 size(1440, 1024, P3D); inside void setup() when it runs the window didn’t appear in my monitor while using a mac M1, I thought the issue was with my terminal running oh_my_zsh configuration, but after uninstall it, it remian the same issue. Then I downloaded the last version that all worked out.