P3 sketch isn't displaying on Mac OS13(Ventura), but p4 ok

on before processing4.1.1 JDK17.0.4 add initSingleton method w/macOS 13

public void settings() {
		size(1400, 800, P3D);

but, on processing3 JDK1.8.0.292 sketch window still does not work not showing.
on macOS 13, I have some old projects, processing4 work fine with com.jogamp.opengl.GLProfile.initSingleton();
but the processing3 project with that method of calling still not working.

Those old projects can not trans from p3 to p4, that bcoz I use p3 as lib on IntelliJ which is a huge project, and it’s running on others OLD Mac mini that cant update the system. But my develop macbook pro is running new OS13…

So I still need to develop p3(correto, temurin JDK1.8) with the new OS13 .
Do I need to try other JDK platforms?
Does anyone find a solution to this?
Thx a lot .

on Mac OS13(Ventura),

  • p3=not showing,
  • p4(before v4.1.1)=add GLProfile.initSingleton(); then, ok now.
  • p4(after v4.1.1, like4.1.2 )=ok now.

i can t help on old processing working on new macos by changing jdks, it was still possible on macos 11, but i never succeed on new ones, (it doesn t mean it s not possible)
however, i did a lot of lowlevel opengl, selecting opengl profiles, and never had to use GLProfile.initSingleton();
just going PJOGL.profile = x; and so, just after size(x,x,P3D);

(and just in case, on processing 3, it is mandatory on new macs to set a framerate(xx) after size(x,x,P3D) to work)