oscP5 + Voice to Text

Hi guys, I am currently trying to get the VtT sketch I have to send the string PrintIn(msg) through OSC or translate it into something addressable for another sketch, (I’d like to be able to turn these messages to PImage for a Kinect sketch.) Any assistance would be helpful.

import websockets.*;
import oscP5.*;
import netP5.*;

WebsocketServer socket;

OscP5 oscP5;
NetAddress myRemoteLocation;

void setup() {
  socket = new WebsocketServer(this, 1337, "/p5websocket");
  myRemoteLocation = new NetAddress("",13000);

void draw() {
  OscMessage myMessage = new OscMessage("/test");
void webSocketServerEvent(String msg){

is your question how to add voice-to-text? Or how to draw a received OSC message?