(OS X) Exported sketch looks for data folder in the wrong place

After exporting a python sketch, which needed a .png image file, the .app wouldn’t run.

After doing some testing, I realized the bug was that the sketch was looking for the .png file in “/Users/ME/”, instead of “/Users/ME/App.app/Contents/Processing/data/” (the path of the image).

And even after trying to use sketchPath, it still didn’t work since the sketchPath was “/Users/ME/”.

So here’s the question, how do I make the sketch in the .app register the data file in the correct path or at least somewhere inside the .app without me doing it manually?


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That is strange.

Can you spell out the structure of your sketch?

Are you running building a sketch pyde file directly inside the users folder, using the user ME home as the sketch folder?

What happens if you create this sketch ~/Documents/PathTest/PathTest.pyde and run it?

def setup():
def draw():
    text(sketchPath(), 10, 20)
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I am building the sketch in ~/Documents/Processing/test/ ,
and the other ones are built just in ~/Documents/Processing/name/ .
In case 1, everything happened as predicted:

However, in case two, I got a different result!!!
This time, it turns the sketch path into the base directory “/”!!!

I opened the .app file and went into test.app/Contents/MacOS/ and edited the unix executable, by removing the --exported on line 5.
Screenshot 2019-12-22 10.27.08
I got this:

So these are literally exactly the same sketch contents, with nothing else in the directory, and the literal folder names and file names are:


is that correct? No other changes at all, and those are the exact paths/files?

The other one is:


“name” is a generalization for all the other sketches, as I use the same format.