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This is David, an undergraduate Computer Engineer student from Hungary.

I first got to know Processing while programming Arduinos and recently rediscovered it for writing 3D programs. It grabbed my attention how easy it is to write programs without all the hassle around OpenGL.

I’m teaching a high school class 3D graphics and I’m using Processing to lower the barrier of entry for them: 3D Graphics | Dawars' blog

I would like to make it possible for them and for others to view their programs in Virtual Reality. As I was browsing the forum I came across requests for this functionality from as far back as the Oculus DK1.

OpenVR is compatible with all of the major VR headsets as far as I know, making it a good choice for integration.

I already created a proof of concept as well as an updated version of JOpenVR: GitHub - Dawars/openvr-for-processing: OpenVR Library for Processing

During the program I would like to create a drop-in replacement renderer for VR based on my proof of concept and make it into an easy-to-use library with examples.

What do you think?

does anyone know, if he ended up finishing this project, where I can find it and how I can install it?


@moonAlien822 – he provided a link to the source code in the post that you linked.

It looks like that repo was last updated in April 2018.

It also looks like he is quite active on Github right now:

so you might want to contact him there with your questions about it.

i downloaded the zip file of github, how do i use it?

Hi @MoonAlien822

  1. Did you look at the examples in the readme, which give examples of how to use it? GitHub - Dawars/openvr-for-processing: OpenVR Library for Processing
  2. Did you try to contact Dawars on github with questions?

If those didn’t work, what specific questions do you have? What are you trying to do, and what isn’t working for you?

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