Opendmx ft232 no output

Hi, first time writing on this new platform, but have been on the old forum for years.
I need to implement a particular dmx software to control some dmx winch.
The problem I have is I want to use a entec opendmx usb converter, which uses a ft232 chip. So raw serial commands should be sent out (dmx protocol is well documented around).
The problem is if i open the serial at 250000 baud and send something, the rs485 outputs nothing (looking with DSO). The same works perfectly with other software as QLC+.
Any idea?

Or, to make it easier…
Do you know if, to speak serially to an ft232 chip, I need to import some library or anything different than just open a Serial and send something?

I’ve double checked permissions and it seems ok, it goes on the dialout group, and I’m part of it.
The FTDI chip is directly connected to a max485 chip to translate serial to rs485, but I have no signal on the 485 output, whatever i send.

The same hardware used with a software like QLC+ works as expected.

HERE there is a link to a library that does what I want, but it works only in Windows, since it uses FTDI_D2XX dll.
Can someone help me how to talk to that chip in Linux?

Thanks, Davide

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Nevermind, I’ve found a different solution…
The control over ftdi232 means mainly the ability to set the transmit/receive state, turning HIGH or LOW two pins on the rs485 chip.
Since for the moment I need only to transmit, I’ve put a resistor to PULLUP those pin to 5v.
Now it’s so simple to transmit DMX…
Thanks all.

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Glad you worked it out – thanks so much for sharing your solution!