Numbers only for custom font on TFT display

Is it possibile to create a font with inside NUMBERS ONLY ( from 0 to 9) ?
I need to show a huge number on a TFT display, that use TFT_eSPI library. Dimensione is about 120.
I don’t need alphabetic characters. I tried LATIN BASIC but the files is too big for SPIFFS.
I tried to compile using NUMBER FORM too, but without success.
I’m sure that only numbers at 120 is not a big file.
I’m using PROCESSING 3.5.4 for Windows : TOOLS → CREATE FONT
Many thanks for help

one idea comes to mind

a Font Manager or Font Editor

there you can delete stuff from an existing font prior to using it. Not sure if it will really reduce the size.

Haven’t done this, but check these:

see FontForge Open Source Font Editor

or Font Editor | heise Download

Alternatively you can draw numbers with line() commands like

void draw1() { 
  line(x,y, x,y+66); 

using no font at all.

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