Novation LaunchController: Using a MIDI controller to make your sketches interactive [new release]

I just published a new version of the library Novation LaunchController Client. If you create sketches in Processing, often times you need to adjust the values of variables, you can use the keyboard, the mouse, or an external device, such as a MIDI controller. I own the Novation LaunchController, and after using it both in Processing and OpenFrameworks, I decided to streamline the process with a dedicated library. In this example I used the Launch Controller to set the parameters for a supershape:

Based on feedback, I fixed a few bugs, and added a simpler example:


You can install the library from Processing. Source code, instructions and more examples are in Github:

Feedback and suggestions are mostly welcome. If you find a bug or have a suggestion you can submit directly to github:


Thank you for developing and sharing this!