Can you start a sketch with Arduino button?


I recently purchased this keyswitch.

I was wondering if there’s any way to run a sketch (with this switch). What code would I need for this?
Something like: if … == 0 once, run file?



Here is example you can use one switch or 4

Hello @friedadedoncker,

Take a look at the tutorial here:


Hi @friedadedoncker, There’s lots of information on how the Arduino can alter the execution of the sketch once it’s running. Starting it without a cooperating program running already, is something else. Some types of Arduino can emulate a keyboard. I have Sparkfun Pro Micro (sadly price has gone up since I bought mine). I think the Leonardo will do, or any with the ATmega32U4 chip, and I think any with the ‘U’ in the name.

Emulating a keyboard you can send e.g. ‘windows-key r myName.exe enter’ and the program will run. It’s not absolutely reliable, there’s a small chance something else will take the focus while you are doing that. Some keyboards have a button for e.g. media player. I guess you could find how that works and define your own key to run your own program.

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Re: launch() reference

There recently was a question here about using launch() for a Processing sketch. The poster could not get it to work and I had trouble also:

I wound up using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(); which did launch a Processing sketch. By any chance do you have a demo using launch() for this purpose?

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Thanks! This is what I was looking for.

Didn’t know the launch function excisted.

Thanks will try this as well.

It works for this simple example in Processing 3.5.4 and Processing 4.0b8:

void setup() 
  size(200, 200);

void draw() 
  // draw() must be present for mousePressed() to work

void mousePressed() 
  // Any one of these work on W10:
  launch("notepad.exe"); // It is set in my path in Windows

Updates in a post below…


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That’s not a Processing sketch.



I did some testing on Windows 10 Pro and added comments to sketch below:

// This will launch a Processing 4.0b8 sketch when run on Processing 3.5.4 or 4.0b8:
//launch("D:/Program_Portable/processing-4.0b8/processing-java --sketch=/Users/me/Documents/Processing4b8/Grid_diagonals_1_0_2 --run");

// This will launch a Processing 3.5.4 sketch when run on Processing 3.5.4 or 4.0b8:
//launch("D:/Program_Portable/processing-3.5.4/processing-java --sketch=/Users/me/Documents/Processing4b8/Grid_diagonals_1_0_2 --run");

// Only Processing 4.0b8 is in my Windows path!

// Below is of interest:
// if run from Processing 3.5.4 it opens a 3.5.4 sketch
// if run from Processing 4.0b8 it opens a 4.0b8 sketch

// Processing 4.0b8 folder added to Windows path:
launch("processing-java --sketch=/Users/me/Documents/Processing4b8/Grid_diagonals_1_0_2 --run");

You will have to change paths and sketch names to run on your system.


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Thanks. For some reason that won’t work on a Mac (v. 11.6 Big Sur). Documentation for launch() states that there might be operating system inconsistencies. Runtime.getRuntime.exec(String) will work on a Mac.

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