No serial library processing for smartphone

Hello. Help with the Serial Library for APDE Processing. On the smartphone, I can not find anywhere and connect the zip file. Therefore, an error in the line -import processing.Serial. *;

When binding to the Arduino and Smartphone serial interface (APDE Processing), there is no SERIAL library for the processing smartphone. In Processing for a computer, it is. (built-in), do not even connect, but for Android I can not find anywhere for a long time. Maybe someone knows, or how to get around it with other libraries, then what?

Because of the lack of this library, all communication examples written by Processing for a computer do not work in Processing for a smartphone.

Maybe someone knows, or tell me where to read?
Thank you.

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If I am something wrong, correct me, recently here! I asked here, no one answered. I thought that I wrote on the wrong topic, I also asked in the processing android topic.

see this

he is saying to you that it is already your topic was posted many times from others and you can search the forum to get an answer

you can provide me with a direct link on the forum. it’s hard for me to find, I’m not an English-speaking, I translate with an auto-translator