No serial library Processing for smartphone. Help

Hello. Help with the Serial Library for APDE Processing. On the smartphone, I can not find anywhere and connect the zip file. Therefore, an error in the line -import processing.Serial. *;

When binding to the Arduino and Smartphone serial interface (APDE Processing), there is no SERIAL library for the processing smartphone. In Processing for a computer, it is. (built-in), do not even connect, but for Android I can not find anywhere for a long time. Maybe someone knows, or how to get around it with other libraries, then what?

Because of the lack of this library, all communication examples written by Processing for a computer do not work in Processing for a smartphone.

Maybe someone knows, or tell me where to read?
Thank you.


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thanks, I will study.
(but i don’t have bluetooth, only OTG USB)
And what, just the library does not exist in nature, in order to transfer the code without editing and correcting?

your smart phone already has bluetooth

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On the second device, no.
There is no bluetooth and will not be.

what is it ? >>>>>>>>>>

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Atmel Tiny
And PIC microcontroller.

this is the usb connection ic

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but you can add Bluetooth for Arduino if you desire i can guide how to if you like

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this is how to connect Bluetooth to Arduino i can walk more with you if you want to use it


Dec '20

Hi, @jafal See the first file here for an example. The setup wiring image you can find in the README.


arduino is for example.
to make it clear.
there is no question about connecting additional peripherals, this is impossible. question about simple old communication serial UART RX TX 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 33600,56000 … for processing-android APDE for smartphones and tablets.


same as arduino you can add bluetooth

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just replace this with Bluetooth module then you can go throw with android Bluetooth

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I’m trying to modernize a little old working systems that have been working for a long time
There is no way to add a body kit and make changes to the software of the microcontrollers.
everything has been around for a long time and works great with old computers.
TINY2313 UART<->RS232 PC (9 or 25pin connector)

I need to dump old computers and replace them with tablets or smartphones. this requires the serial library android-processing APDE
Help mе with standart serial library for processing-android APDE. I searched the entire internet.

I looked at the forum, I see that you and others help people a lot, give many examples on the serial port too, but I did not find any for a smartphone, all examples are ONLY for a computer.


I came across these:

You could also do this:
Android to PC or RPI (BlueTooth)
PC or RPI to Arduino (Serial)

A bit more complicated but you could make it work.

I also have a lot of old hardware and make use of my old RPIs sometimes.


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I found these libraries too, but having problems. I gave a screen with an error in a duplicate (sorry) topic.
Have you actually started serial data transfer using these libraries in practice?
If yes, then there are only 10-20 lines of code, could you put them here for an example. I’m a weak programmer, it’s hard for me to deal with a broken library and errors.

I generally prefer to test out libraries and code before sharing but I have not tested either of these.

An Android to PC\Arduino direct serial connection is on my to do list.

One day…


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you would probably have to make use of a java original library.

I cannot test for now as I do not have an arduino, perhaps others might be able to help

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