Data from Muse 2 Headband into Processing

Hi there!
Just looking for anyone with advice/info from anyone who may have used a Muse 2 Headband to send data into Processing - and best advice on how to do this? (Muse 2: Brain Sensing Headband - Technology Enhanced Meditation) I am looking into this for a project which separates out the brainwaves and has them trigger specific videos (e.g. more alpha activity will trigger one video, more beta waves will trigger another and fade between). I am planning on using the Mindmonitor App ( to do FFT - but unsure then how to get this data into Processing.


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WOW! I am also looking for an answer for this too! May I ask what have you done before that did not work?

I have tried numerous ways with the OSC library examples of the processing but did not meet any success and am still confused with the send-receive and parse the message. Somehow the IP always assigned to “” and when I assigned the same IP to the mind-monitor app, the sketch did not even show any sign if there’s more data on the same port [5000].

Any lead and help would be much appreciated! And thank you the OP for posting the question.