New version of the Beads audio library

Hi there,

I’m please to announce a long overdue update to the Beads library for Processing. One of the main developments is a simplified API which doesn’t require the AudioContext argument creating UGens. The library contains some other small fixes and improvements, but mainly it’s a maintenance update. It should be backwards compatible so we’d be grateful if you check your existing projects to see if everything is working. Beads is now also available as a Maven repository. Techie details are on the Beads github

For the next two weeks you can grab the beta of the update here:

Pending any feedback and fixes we’ll publish it to the Processing library manager.


Ollie Bown
(with a lot of help from Chalton Wong and Angelo Fraietta)


I tried to update to v3.2 in Processing but “Contribution Manager” window shows an orange exclamation mark in its status area and the actual library is still v1.02, which meant the update failed.
I also tried to download the package from the web site ( but the package is v1.02.

Am I missing something?

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I’m also just going to bump this and say that I am also having that same updating issue @olliebown

@briangriffith – there is a manual solution here:

To install beads 3.2 manually in Processing PDE and have it show up correctly in PDE Contributions Manager, follow these steps:

  1. download the release 3.2
  2. add to Processing/libraries/beads
  3. edit beads/, changing these properties:
  1. restart Processing

I have also submitted a pull request to fix the issue on the repo, here: