New to Arrays, help making a simple less than 10 lines code

Create an array of size 100 and fill it up with random numbers using a loop. Using a loop print all the numbers located at the “odd” indexes (i.e. numbers located at [1], [3], [5] etc.) of the array.

I have–
int array = new int [100];

then I feel like it should have–
for (int i=0; i<100; i++) {

Then what?

Hello @beginn,

Take a step back before taking a step forward.
What’s first?

Read and follow the guidelines listed here before posting and asking questions:
Welcome to the Processing Foundation Discourse

Know what resources are available to you.
The Processing website is a good start and has tutorials, references, examples here:


Break it down into steps.
First and foremost learn and understand each point that is asked (you can do a search on site above for each of these):

  • array
  • loop
  • print
  • random

Once you understand each of the above take the next step and piece it together.

The odd indices may be a challenge for a beginner. Seek and you shall find.

Another reference:
Creative Coding for Beginners - Full Course!
I linked it to what I consider good advice for a beginner… be sure to start at the beginning.

After all that is said and done try to write the code from scratch to reinforce the concepts you have learned.