New p5py category

We have created a new category for questions related to p5py, as distinct from / Python mode.

Until now our category contains most python-related topics, including discussions of the, p5py, pyp5js, et cetera. Just to review:

  1. is Python 2.7 syntax-to-Processing running as Java JVM bytecode with Jython, and supports Java libraries and “pure” (non-c) python libraries.
  2. p5py is Python 3.x running native in Python, and supports any python libraries.
  3. pyp5js is Python 3.x syntax-to-p5.js running as JavaScript in the browser with Transcrypt. It can be used with JavaScript libraries like p5.dom.js.

In the future if we have more activity in each we could make a general Python category and break each out into a subcategory, but we are keeping things simple for right now.

Feedback on organization / naming / et cetera is most welcome.


IMO we shouldn’t wait for the future and do it now before it gets more confusing.

Surprisingly Jython has a limited capacity to run CPython “.pyc” modules via pycimport:

The p5.js addon library “p5.dom.js” was removed at version 1.0.0 and then merged into the main “p5.js” library as it’s always been the plan but got delayed!