Need urgent help with Art-Net library

Hey all,
I am a long time Processing user and am trying something that’s new for me.
Unfortunately, it envolves a lot of stuff i’m still confused about.
mainly, networks etc.

Here is what I am trying to do:
I am a fulltime musician and am working on a concept for my band’s live shows.
I have some code that I wrote for generating graphics that’s affected in realtime by the bands audio.
This works great but now for the challenge.
Im trying to send this data to led screens using artnet but can’t make it work.

I bought a transparent, flexible led array (FTS10 from JYVISIONS) that has an Ethernet input
and expects a controller.
I got the NovaStar TB30 controller which is actually a media server and a controller.
I connected the screen to the TB30 with ethernet, and the controller to my macbook pro.

I’m running the example code from the Artnet for Java library and cannot manage to make something
happen :slight_smile:
I’m sure it’s all about configuring IPs and stuff but no matter what I do or whatever numbers i try - nada


Hello @yairkass,

I do not have this hardware but took interest… may do something along these lines in the future.

There are implementation instructions for the TB30 here in downloads:

Have you configured the TB30 with the Required Configuration Tools?

I am still looking into compatibility of Art-Net DMX with the controller… more research when time permits.


For LED strips:
Cacheflowe | Code | Lab | ArtNet + Processing < I may start with these!

I can’t find anything on Google for this.


hey :-))
thanks for the reply,
I think my main problem is that i am totally confused about networks jargon.
First let me say that the FTS10 screen is new and still does not appear on their site but if you
search JYVISIONS on instagram you can find it. they call it a flexible led screen.
here’s a quick pic of mine.

I got it to work fine when sending content through their app but I want direct controll over pixels in real time.
I can get to the TB30 settings using their iOS app (desktop version is only windows).
But I think it would be very hard for me to get help for this specific model through a forum post,
and I think I should concentrate on making the setup work with a software like Resolum or
Touch Designer, where it might be easier to see if the controller is being recognized and such.

Hope to have an update soon and it might turn out that this will help others also

Hello @yairkass,

I contacted NovaStar Shop about the Novastar TB30 controller and response was:

Dear sir or madam,

Art-Net is not supported.

If you want a controller that supports ART-Net you could choose a NovaStar KU20:

KU20 –

Try to find some working configurations with your controller.

Touch Designer is cool! I only use it once here and have very limited experience with it.


that’s a stupid mistake on my part.
when communicating with the led company I was not specific enough detailing my use case.
You have really helped me.
I appreciate it a lot :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

it’s annoying that in my emails with Novastar they didn’t mention that the controller might be the wrong one.

Well, off to get another controller.
Best wishes