Control Brightness Via Artnet and DMX

I’m controlling a bunch of RGB led strips using Artnet protocol and some DMX decoders like the one in this link:

I’m able to control the colors just fine but I want to control the brightness of certain RGB strips. I haven’t found any code online so I’m wondering if its even possible to do via the Artnet protocol.

Will I need to purchase some hardware to control the brightness or is this possible to do via code?

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I have no personal experience with this, but I have seen various ArtNet examples that use the AdaFruit neoPixel library to control brightness of a whole strip like this


Cool. I’m not using an Arduino anywhere but I’ll look into the NeoPixel library to see if I can do something similar in Processing. Although, I know the NeoPixel stuff has its own IC chip to control the LEDs. It may be the case I would need to get some piece of hardware to control the brightness.

Thanks for the reply.