NDK San Angeles - Danger!

Please forgive me for this not directly being a Processing problem… I post it as a warning to fellow Android strugglers and neophytes like myself. I got the google NDK example, San Angeles, to compile and load onto my RCA tablet. To my surprise, it launched a full screen animation of a futuristic city and ran for about 10-20 seconds maybe. It was awesome and then it stopped and the screen went black and I couldn’t close it. I couldn’t shutdown the tablet, nothing. I noticed the screen was black but shrinking or something weird. I left it unplugged and figured it would shutdown when the battery drained and then maybe I could regain control. When I restarted it, the screen was not black but now it was a gassy white towards the center and normal around the edges. I was able to scroll and start apps like normal but everything in the middle was semi transparent and the home screen was slightly visible through every app. The only apps that seem normal are written for API level 28. These have a blue action bar and white background. My Processing apps are all gassy with the home screen slightly visible through them all…

The tablet has been on for about an hour now and the screen seems to be slowly recovering, with the gassiness fading away back to normal. I think I read something about San Angeles using 3 light sources and it seems the gassiness is strongest in 3 areas.

Just thought I’d warn.

Edit: 1 day later, the screen is back to normal. San Angeles is no longer on my tablet for obvious reasons. It works at a pretty low level for speed, but man it sure left its mark for awhile.