myMovie.speed() is not working

Hi friends, I am Anty and I want to control the movie’s speed by .speed() but it seems not working in my code. Whatever the number I wrote to “.speed(0.5)” “.speed(5)” all of them are the same speed.

This is my code:


Movie m;

void setup(){
  m=new Movie(this,"");

void draw(){

Thank you for your answer!

Hey There!

Seems like you have the same exact thing ! But your omg has width and height did you try and see how it works without the width and height variables present ?

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Hi friend,
Thank you!
I tried it without heigh and width variables present. It still doesn’t work with the speed. And I followed the guide of the link that you put. I cannot get more information about speed. It is not working…

<I want to achieve a function that the video’s speed follow with the music’s loudness or music’s frequency so that’s why I need control the speed of video. As well as before I used this way, I have tried to use frameRate() to control the image’s appear’s speed, but it is also not working well, because the frameRate() became slower and slower :frowning: >

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can you just try the provided example, please,
that is the usual way to get started.

File / Examples /
Libraries / Video / Movie / Speed

( it uses mouseX for speed setpoint. )


Hi kll

I try the original code showed in the below link:

It is still not working
The Processing can run my video, but the speed never ever change.

Thanks to your reply


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and why did you not try the example?
it works here ( win 7 / 64bit / processing 3.5.3 )


Got it! It is working for this example!
I will try it again in my sketch!
Thank you kll!

My system is Mac…
Just now I thought that you ask me to try the example code of website.
Just now I tried the example inside of processing. It is working now!!!

Thank you so much!!!


I actually found out what is the problem. You must set the speed while the movie is playing ! in your original code, you just need to move the m.speed(0.1); to the line after m.loop();.
Hope this works and helps !

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