My setup for live coding with Processing

Hello, I share here my personal setup for Live Coding visuals with Processing. It is just a Processing rendering window with the code visualized on top of the visuals, and it is almost everything coded from scratch (at least the draw function), except for few things.



Woo it is super, do you cat explein more about your tecnic for livecoding with processing ?

Hi, thanks!

I work only on the draw function with the REPL mode, while having some variables declared beforehand (you can’t declare them on the fly, at least not in the Processing IDE). I test my performance quite often, and when I see I need a variable in it, I add it as a global variable (I used to have variables names v1, v2, v3 etc., but was not really handy).

For the output, I use OBS and overlap the coding window to the rendering window, quite hacky but does the job quite well :slight_smile:

Here you can find the theme of my IDE:

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