Multiple PFragments in one Android app?

So I see that I can export an Android Project and open it in Android studio. It runs just fine, however I would like to be able to switch back and forth between two PFragments, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I’ve searched GitHub, Stackoverflow and all the usual spots; can’t find anybody that’s successfully implemented this. Does anyone here know how this can be done?

Also, where can I submit a feature request that would be seen by somebody working on Processing for Android? There is an openKeyboard function in the current library, but no equivalent for a Calendar. I feel that this feature and a strictly numerical keyboard would add loads of functionality and flexibility to Android apps made in Processing.

You can post feature request in Processing android’s github. Check this page

f you find something useful in Android native, you can bring right into processing android. After all, Processing Android runs any java code, mind that you need to provide proper imports and access to library files.



  • as for the first question what do you want exactly? - Is it replacing the initial fragment or is it adding some nested fragment without replacing the first one (parent fragment)?

  • as for the second you can post feature request as @kfrager said; yet for now it s easy to use the CalendarView provided by android: you create an instance of it and addi it to your rootView in onStart() as you can do with a lot of the android views. I have put examples for that in the old forum.