Multiple functions under one

So I’m trying to build a menu button that has three options and I want whenever an option is selected a certain program runs. So each program has a multiple functions like 3 to 4 function, so I’m finding it difficult to put all these functions on that one function so when option one is clicked Program 1 runs. In processing you can’t multiple functions inside one for some reason.

Main Processing flavor is based on Java.
Java prefers to encapsulate multiple functions as 1 class:


Have you considered using a menu bar or other Swing component?

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Always best when you show your entire code so we can take
a look.

Anyway when you are a beginner, just set an int variable myCommand (or whatever name) from the buttons to 0, 1 or 2 (or when the button has a unique id, just use this) and in the function use switch(myCommand) {… or use if(myCommand==0){…

So you can execute different code in one function depending on the button