MQTT with login/pass/port

For two days I tried to solve the problem on my own, but there are no results.
I would like to use in my project MQTT (from HiveMQ) which uses hostname/port/login/password to connect. Currently, among the available processing libraries for MQTT, there is only one that uses only the public hostname and login. Having examined this library and what it is based on, I could not find the possibility of modification for my task.
The HiveMQ website has instructions for use with Arduino, Java, etc, but no processing. I don’t know how, or if it’s possible to use the java hivemq-mqtt-client for my project in processing, but that seems like the closest possibility.
If anyone has any ideas (besides writing their own library by learning the MQTT protocol), I’ll be happy to hear them.
Thank you for attention.

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Hello again. Problem solved. Unfortunately, the description of the library did not contain the necessary instructions, but after learning java, I saw the truth. I hasten to share, I hope someone will come in handy.
Library: MQTT

//Standard Example
client.connect("mqtt://" , "processing");
//My example
client.connect("mqtts://" , "processing-AF158");
//client.connect("[mqtt/mqtts for tcp/ssl]:/[Username]:[Password]@[HostURL]:[Port]", "[ClientID]"