Move app to SD card

Before I begin I wanted to say I had a lot of trouble with this and couldn’t find anything for 6 months, BUT I figured out a way to move your program to the SD card WITH OR WITHOUT the APK file.

Step 1: turn on developer options (I think you’ve already done this but you do it by

  1. First, navigate to and open Settings . Tap About phone , and then tap Software information .

  2. To enable Developer mode, rapidly tap Build number seven times in a row.

  3. A popup message will appear when you are close to enabling the mode. If you have a lock screen set, you’ll be asked to enter your security credentials.

  4. The Developer options will be activated; you can now access it at the very bottom of the main Settings menu.

After you turn on developer options

Step 2: scroll almost all the way down to the bottom and find “Force allow apps on external”

Step 3: move app as usual.

And that’s all! It is now possible with Android to move your app to the SD card!

Note: I usually am not on this site, but this was really bugging me that NO ONE ELSE BROUGHT THIS UP!!! Like SERIOUSLY this is important stuff!!!

I figured out how to edit the manifest file. But be warned it is VERY difficult.

Step 1: download ApkTool for your PC and put it on the desktop in a folder named apktool

Step 2: upload your APK file to google drive and copy it to the folder named apktool.

Step 3: open the command promp and move to the folder. Find more information online on what commands to type in. Something like “apktool if name-of-apk-file.apk” then “apktool d name-of-apk-file.apk”

Step 4: open the manifest file that should’ve appeared inside the folder called apktool called AndroidManifest.xml

Step 5: the top line should look something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"? (Something goes here that won't allow me to post) manifest xmlns:android="" package="processing.test.testing" platformBuildVersionCode="27" platformBuildVersionName="8.1.0"> ................Make it look like this:.................. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"? (Something goes here that won't allow me to post) manifest xmlns:android="" android:installLocation="auto" package="processing.test.testing" platformBuildVersionCode="27" platformBuildVersionName="8.1.0"> ...................................... The **android:installLocation="auto"** is the important part.................... Step 6: Recompile the program using the command: "apktook b name-of-app-FOLDER" Step 7: copy the new apk back to your android device Step 8: download apk signer from google play, Step 9: open the app and select the apk file you copied from your pc. Step 10: the app named "signed apk" is your new app that can now be installed to the SD card.
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