Is it possible to "move" your coordinate by moving the mouse?

is it possible to “move” a coordinate (vector point) through the movement of the mouse? So that the effect is a form, for example a circle, to bend? Similar to the “Liquify” filter in Photoshop.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me!

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Is it possible? Yes. You have access to every single pixel of any PImage you like. You can manipulate them however you want. Just write the code to do it.

If you can;t be bothered & just want a set of pre-made tools for manipulating images, stick with Photoshop.

Thank you for your answer. it’s not so much about manipulating a photo, but rather about imitating an effect in a vector graphic so that you can interactively deform that shape with the mouse.

I’m not sure, but it sounds like you want to use the PixelFlow library and in particular look at the resources and examples under Computational Fluid Dynamics (or possibly Flow Field). Scroll down to see the correct examples – the library contains many other kinds of physics / flow that are not relevant to your problem:

Oh, that’s a good tip! Thank you!!