Minimising p5.min.js further for production

So as of today, p5.js is on version 1.4.2 and the minified file stands at a whopping 804KB filesize.

I am a website developer and have been learning and getting better at it since some months now and want to use it on client sites as animated backgrounds to add some zing. I do know that the raw p5.js is a collection of a lot of sub-libraries and with a total size of around 4MBs. How can I shave off unwanted libraries safely from the parent p5.js file and then minimise it for production use?

Someone pointed out to me on FB that the opentype library is the biggest ‘file’. But I am not too good with Github I guess as I wasnt able to find this file in the p5.js repo.

I almost never use sound, video, ASCII, typography functions. And if my sketch is purely 2D, the 3D library too doesn’t serve me any purpose. So I want to save small sized versions of the p5.min.js file on my system to use on a per project basis. Please help me understand this. I do not want to waste these past months of hard work.

Thank you.

Try out q5.js: :bulb:

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