Performance issue between p5.js vs p5.min.js

Hi team!

I am playing with P5.js since 2 weeks! I love it! I’ve just turned around many hours to understand why i got performance issue.

I just use this simple example examples | p5.js

At the end i just change the p5.js script of the CDN from p5.js p5.min.js.

I am just curious if anyone give me an understandable reason of this huge difference! I got my solution but i would love to understand more.

Thank you so much and nice to be part of this community :smiley:


Be mindful of version numbers when comparing behavior or performance.
I have had some issues in the past and tried different versions.

The web examples is using this (I peeked into file with an editor):

/*! p5.js v1.1.9 July 22, 2020 */