Minim delay & other effects

Hi there, I am writing a small program to record audio and apply some basic effects from the minim library, delay & flanger etc. I have implimented the record feature and it works fine however trying to patch effects is giving me trouble as I cant figure out what im patching through them. In the delay example for example, they patch an oscillator blip through the delay [myBlip.patch(myDelay).patch(out);] but since my audio is recorded already [as “myrecording.wav”] I cant figure out what way i can patch this through. do I patch in the input, the output or do i patch in the audio file after its been recorded/saved? If so how would I go about this?

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Hi i’m trying to do the same as you and i’m stuck with the same problem, did you find the way to solve it?

Hi @zqviel and @Froschgelb. You have to use the FilePlayer class: Minim/ at master · ddf/Minim (
There is also an example here: Minim/examples/Synthesis/filePlayerExample at master · ddf/Minim (
It works similar to the AudioPlayer, except it can patch its output to another UGen. Here is an example to get you started.

import ddf.minim.effects.*;
import ddf.minim.ugens.*;
import ddf.minim.spi.AudioRecordingStream;

Minim minim;
AudioRecordingStream audio;
Delay myDelay;
AudioOutput out;
FilePlayer groove;

void setup()
  size(512, 200);

  minim = new Minim(this);
  audio = minim.loadFileStream("groove.mp3");
  groove = new FilePlayer(audio);
  out = minim.getLineOut();
  myDelay = new Delay( 0.4, 0.5, true, true );

void draw()

void keyPressed()
  if ( key == 'l' ) groove.loop();