MineSweeper game

I wanted to play a good old game of MineSweeper the other day but sadly it is not available on the new version of windows.

So I decided to made a quick version on processing.

If you want to kill some times and go back few years in the past here’s the game :wink:

Have a nice weekend everyone !


nice work. is it just me or is the top row of cells cut off by the openprocessing menu bar? perhaps i can shrink that but perhaps a bit of padding on the grid would be handy. anyways good stuff a truly classic game.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I did not make the game with relative sizes so depending on your screen it might be too tall…

I just changed the grid dimension to be more horizontal though so it should be less of a trouble.

Maybe I’ll work on making it with relative size, It shouldn’t be too much work.

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