MiM - A modern math editor for web

Hi Everyone,

@Alexandra and I are working on this for GSoC, and would love to get your feedback. You’re welcome to play around with the editor, just visit https://math-in-motion.github.io/early-demo/



Hi everyone!

After two month of developing, we are thrilled to release this Math in Motion (MiM) prototype.

We appreciate your time, so we make the testing quick and easy for you. The whole try-it-yourself process will take 5-10 minutes, and the feedback form will only take 3-5 minutes.

Your feedback matters, and we want to make MiM a better experience for everyone. So please leave your ideas and tell us what we can do better.

Look forward to your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Alex & Oskar


Hi @Oskar and @Alexandra, can you guys share the source code for this project?

It looks like the wrap-up report was here:

The demo is here:


And the repo is here:

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