Maven release out of date

Hello fellow Processing users,
I’ve been developing a game for the last few years and switched to using IntelliJ Idea in May due to my game’s complexity. Since then I’ve been modularizing and refactoring my game to using java 11/12 and gradle as a basis. As such I cannot simply rollback to using the processing IDE. I’ve noticed the maven repository being out of date (Maven: 3.3.7 vs 3.5.3) and wondered whether it keeps being supported: Are there going to be any new releases on maven? Is there any alternative getting updated?
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dependencies {
    implementation group: 'org.processing', name: 'core', version: '3.+'
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The maven releases are unofficial and I’m pretty sure they were created by Jérémy Laviole @Jiii for his projects, and shared.

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Ok. So to get updates I must either contact him or setup a own maven repository?
He doesn’t seem to be active on here.

How did this go – were you able to contact him, or did you set up your own repo?

Checking today at the last version on maven repository it seems like it wasn’t updated.

I’m probably going to do the same thing and create my own maven dependencies in order to use processing with a Kotlin project.

Is there a better way to get proper maven dependencies?
If additional effort is required I’m willing to offer my help in order to update maven dependencies as they become available. Would that help?
(I would hate to have to publish my unofficial version of the dependencies in order to use them in a maven project, instead of helping to support the official ones)

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As you are new to the community, you may not be aware of the issue being raised on github. Also that Ben Fry is not keen for whatever reason.

Thanks for your answer and for being patient with me.
I understand now that there’s a modularity issue targeting JDK9 (in order to support LWJGL) and, also, maven is not part of the goals to support it officially.

Answering my question: for the time being there won’t be an official update, so publishing my own version of the artifacts may be the only option to use maven and processing.


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@kfgodel you should be aware that processing uses a modified version of jogl. The latest beta jogl release does not need such modification, but is not yet available from maven central.

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