Massive frameRate drop after restart

I do not know if this is really Processing-related, but I would appreciate any help. I restarted a borrowed Windows 7 computer and my sketches are much slower since. I could run Demos/Performance/DynamicParticlesRetained at about 120fps and now it’s about 80ish. Any tips at all on where this might come from? Anything to to with Processing memory settings, or computer RAM, Virtual memory, graphics card?
I apologize if my question is vague but I can’t figure it out, so any tips on boosting performance would be appreciated!!
Thank you :slight_smile:

and you complain about 80 FPS???
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ / 1GB RAM ( cpu + gpu ) i get 9 FPS


int npartTotal = 1000;   //10000;
int npartPerFrame = 10;  //25;

also see 80 FPS at nearly same picture

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I was just citing this example as a reference for comparison :slight_smile: my other sketches dropped lower than 15fps.
I figured it out, it is really Windows-specific. The power management has somehow switched to energy saving, making performances quite bad. But I saw this post that helped me figured it out and improve performances :


win 10? laptop?
still question is why power saving is on when you start a processing sketch?
i would think that comes after a time of "inactivity?
so you just disabled power savings?

Windows 7, laptop indeed. I just restarted it and the power mode switched, although I was connected to the power supply, not nunning on battery… Now that I have manually switched it to high performances instead of power savings it’s good!

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Windows allows 2 diff. configs: for when the power cable is connected and on battery only. :battery:

Also you can set up high perfomance in power management youself

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