Marlin and processing

How to control cnc with marlin from processing?

sorry, this is the kind of question what might not be answered
and you would get a bad feeling about this forum

you need to provide much more info,

  • text and links to info ( what you talk about )
    is that question about a specific library?
  • code snippet ( MVCE )
  • a project description

it is your job to make that post so interesting that many people read it
and try to help you with tips / links / code

I am using Marlin v2. 0. My project is V-plotter. I used PenPlotter to control it, but PenPlotter makes my Gcodes wired. So I understood that I must control plotter from my code

DId you read this?

You need

  • a solid model

  • a slicer can “slice” it into G-code

  • Marlin firmware will do its best to print the final result.

  • a hoster

You don’t control Marlin directly. Or do you want to program a slicer in processing??