Can’t output gcode properly

I have problem that my g code execution too fast,it should read the next line until the current line completes but it didn’t.
I had add some pause function but it seems not work well. It still skip the line.
I use arduino R3 board and L23D motor control shield to make a writing machine

Hi there,

Can you post a sample of your .gcode?

What firmware are you using for your device and what gcode sender are you using to send your gcode to it?

Also if you suspect the problem is with any of your processing code, can you give post it / explain your suspicions/thoughts on it?

First, thanks your reply . I use inkscape to make gcode and use processing ide to send the gcode.
The following is my gcode gcode I think the main problem might be the front part pause function add too little. The following is the solution that I think might help, first.add pause function second.The output gcode file in inkscape have the option of xy axes feedrate in mm/min (see the following picture)
,so I think higher the feedrate will helpful?
Any suggest will be helpful,and can you leave your gmail that I can ask you question easily.Thanks!


I’m a little confused about how you are sending your .gcode with processing? Can you post your code, or at least refer us to the package that you are using?

There are several good free .gcode sender programs out there, UGS is probably the most prolific and supports various device firmware’s that you might be using. Which firmware are you using? I would suggest using that instead of processing to send your .gocde.

Universal GCode Sender - UGS

I think that it’s unlikely that your .gcode export is the problem, more likely it is the communication with the device. Have you been able to get serial commands working?

Sorry, I’m not going to give you my email address, I am happy to talk here though.