Making a RGB leds strips control gui

Hi ,
I am actually on a project wich consists of creating a gui to control multiple rgb led strips and normal leds .
So what i need for this project is at least two colors pickers ( or colors wheels ) and some buttons to turn on and off normal leds , no problems for the buttons , but for the rgb color picker , it seams like people dont really want to give the entire code ( for processing and arduino ) .

And because i am not really experimented in coding ,i would like to know if someone has something like a color picker code wich could be duplicated to control individually multiple rgb leds strips on a same gui .



Welcome to the community! :wink:

Nice code project if you just started to learn programming!

You have two solutions, either build your own color picker from scratch but it might be difficult because you would have do deal with displaying the color wheel and other UI stuff which is not easy. (but it’s a good exercise for later!)

The recommended solution is to use a preexisting GUI library that do that for you (also with buttons). This is the case of ControlP5 which is actually quite easy to use.

You can check out the Color picker example :

(which is also in File > Examples > Contributed libraries > ControlP5 > controllers > ControlP5colorPicker after you installed the library)

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