ColorPicker with alpha?

What about `createColorPicker’ with RGBA mode ?
It could be great to have this option (ARGB+Alpha)
What do you think about ?


Hello, @Chris, and welcome to the Processing Foundation Forum!

That’s an interesting idea.

Generally, with color pickers, one can choose a color either by specifying numbers for each component, or by choosing visually by clicking within a displayed continuum of blends. For the former, an enhanced color picker could allow a user to choose four numbers for red, green, blue, and alpha, respectively. What would you recommend regarding representing alpha visually within a continuum of colors in an enhanced color picker? Because the alpha component manifests itself by enabling an underlying color to show through by varying degrees, it seems a challenge to cleanly distinguish the color choice from the underlying background. Perhaps, though, we can come up with be an effective way to do this. Maybe this can be accomplished with a slider that varies the alpha value of a candidate color while it is superimposed on a known and specifiable background color.


Not sure if this a relevant comparison. But would this be similar to the tweak mode in Java processing?


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Why reinvent the wheel? There are already a lot of good, freely usable, color pickers with alpha support…

Here are two of the best …

— mnse


Yes mnse, you’r right. We can add some library for that. And thank your for your beautiful exemples. My answere was about the “createColorPicker” included in P5. It could be added with a simple slider for alpha.

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