Make smileys easy

Hello Everyone!

tyred of downloading?
its online at
load save and frame do not work.
but ist simple way draw pictures

My new tool make animated smilys!
uses mouse:
click left right on +/- for pixel uise
chose a color (rgb)
by klicken in the bar or use right left klick on color number
use brightnes klick left/right on the b/w bar number

put some klicks in the squares.
right klick on Datei to save frames
(left to lord the last frame)
repeat this some times

klick left right on frames to jump to a frame you wisch
draw a bit
save with datei(right)

now ther is a saveframe ordner
with numberd *png

use a free tool to make your gif or somthing

finaly this program is one day old and ist"basicly"


in V 0.6.8 are some improvements, split rgb and b/w a clear button(left for white background, Right for coustom) right klick on field gets color you can change him and draw until.

there a some bugs i hope i find them while weekend

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Now Smily_helper goes “v1.0” the Programm now useable

now in short:

  1. Right or left mouse click +/-
  2. ClearFrame: left mouse White, Right costum
  3. Folder: left +1 right -1
  4. Datei: left click load last saved picture, Right click safe frame
  5. left click on frame frame +1 right click frame -1
  6. left click put pixel, right click get pixel color
  7. rgb bar: click color position and left or right click on the numbers to + or - number
  8. the fouth bar shows the costum color
  9. the number of the last bar for dark or light the color with left or right click on number
  10. Have fun!
    now V 1.7.5 is online with many bug fixes
    maybe i add some features at weekend but i am pleased with this tool for now.
    it is avalible on:


or vist
for an online version
with bugfixes
(V 1.7.5)