Make and watch movies in txt file format

Tired of gif, png? too Geek for avi and MPG?
Now here is my new txt animation tool.
still its in eraly accses development fase it has many roughe edges.
but ist useful

manuel in short:

  1. Right or left mouse click +/-
  2. ClearFrame: left mouse White, Right costum color
  3. avilible download version: Folder: left +1 right -1
  4. avilible download version: Datei: left click load last saved picture, Right click safe frame
  5. acilible download version: left click on frame frame +1 right click frame -1
  6. left click put pixel, right click get pixel color
  7. rgb bar: click color position and left or right click on the numbers to + or - number
  8. the fouth bar shows the costum color
  9. the number of the last bar for dark or light the color with left or right click on number on Folder and save to tranfer a picture
  10. you may copy Smily_Helpe2r_V_0_3_0_9 animations to
    Smily_Helper_V_1_8_1 animations by copy the work0 or work1…
    to the exe folder of Smily_Helper_V_1_8_1
  11. for “textplayer” copy Film_Ordner_0 to the textplayer_v_0_3_4 exe file ordner

Smily_Helpe2r only work with txt but save additional in png
Smily_Helper uses png but stores the pikture last saved in work in txt format

now you can use emacs vs vim or any editor to make emogies.or movies
what is your favorite raw text editor to create movies?
png based, 9mb,win64,linux64
txt based, 9mb,win64,linux64
txt based, 9mb,win64,linux64

picture tool:

my tools are:
MIT License

Copyright (c) 2021 Jan Bühring

or test a online version on: