Make minim listen to what is send to speaker


(I’m really not sure about the topic’s category)

Some times ago, I made a little script that would use minim to listen to your sound card, and have an animation base on the sound your computer is playing. While it is very nice to have as a background thing when you’re using your computer to listen to music, I have never found any way to make it work when the computer is connected to a speaker.

For now, the steps I take to make minim listen to the sound card and not the mike are :

**1 : ** open sound panel, and search for the sound control panel

**2 : ** Go to the ‘record’ tab of the sound control panel, right click on the sound card and set it as default listening device.

**3 : ** Launch my processing script.

But when my speaker is connected to my computer (either via bluetooth or with a cable), no sound is detected on the stereo mix card at all. The speakers appears on the sound control panel, but I can only listen to the mike integrated in it. I have searched on the internet and didn’t find anything, that’s why I was wondering if anyone had ever encountered this problem here or would know a hacky processing way to make this work!

Thanks for reading, and for those who are interested, here is a gif of the synthwave-ish animation (yeah I know without sound it looses all it interest) link to animation


Hi there. I believe some special software in needed, such as AudioJack.
Then you will be able to route your sound output to a virtual sound output (so you can use it in processing as an input), and also to your speakers.
At least this is how I’ve done it the last time I needed this.
Expect some sound delay.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely try to install such a software and see how bad the sound delay is :wink: