Made a simple 2d top down dungeon crawler

Made a simple top down dungeon crawler, shamelessly using some spritesheets i found on opengameart.

Its freely based on some YouTube videos I was looking at. I am using the YouTube tutorials as a way to fuel new ideas and relearn old ideas. Worked with java developments for 10 years now, and I must say Processing makes it easy to just … code, and just make stuff. I hate all the stuff around coding that makes it harder and more difficult to get started, like maven, intellij or eclipse. Been doing java game development on and off for the last years, mostly based on tuts, and then altered the code to my own liking.

Here it is:


Pretty simple for now, pick up ammo crates, pick up health potions, shoot at enemies, being damaged by touching enemies, shoot through walls etc.

Maybe someone can use this code for something.