Look for a code that interacts with Processing through plants

I want to make an interactive device that touches green plants and processing, and I would like to ask if there is any corresponding code for the big bosses, thanks

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do you mean green plants on the screen (to draw green plants on the screen)
or interact with Real Life green plants?

For the latter: Do you work with Arduino or some measurement of leave conductivity?

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By touching sunflowers, I wanted to find more interesting interactions with sunflower paintings.

oh yes, I want to try to interact with processing through Arduino through real plant flowers, such as sunflowers. I try to find code for this aspect to learn. Because I want to try to reconstruct Van Gogh’s sunflower works, establish a connection with the real sunflower, and realize the interaction with the virtual works on the screen by touching it. I’m going to continue to aggregate and disperse as particles. Maybe we can find a more interesting way. So I was hoping to get some inspiration from you. That’s awesome. Thanks so much.

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Cool project! You might be able to turn a sunflower into an input for your Processing sketch with a Makey Makey.

*Oh, cool. I’ll give it a try :grinning:

Hi @jiajia


Tangential, but Mother Earth’s Plantasia might be fun background music while you work :sunflower:

I like the link Jafal has provided!

not sure what you mean.

  • you could program a Sketch that uses a robot to touch a real life flower.

  • you could touch the flower with your hand and see a reaction on the screen (e.g. a particle system changing). I like this.
    Either you measure the conductivity of the plant (link by Jafal?) or you film the flower with a camera and distort the image on the screen using a particle system (pointilism or whatever)

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