Creating a controller with conductive paint and using in Processing

Hi there,
I’m looking to make a project in which activity on a screen is generated by someone stepping on a painted surface (with bare conductive paint -
This action of stepping on the surface will replace a mouseclick on the computer. I’m new to Processing - any ideas on how to do this?

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Hi @marianne91
A think a good way to start is to try this tutorial.


add to that there is a special (old) version of arduino ( what i would usually not recommend )

where this arduino can talk to the PC “as a mouse” and
no extra processing code ( serial lib… ) would be needed.


Great. Thanks - on it now!

Brill! Thank you - will try this! :slight_smile:


What is the mouse click on the computer going to do?

I was originally thinking it would generate some text (via a random text generator to appear on screen).

But now I would like it to trigger a video.

Will Processing be involved? Or just the mouse and\or keyboard interacting with PC desktop?

I would like the mouse-click to trigger the playing of a video within processing.

Related information is the bareconductive foot controller tutorial:

Note that you will need bare feet for this to work! It almost certainly won’t work with rubber shoes, as they are not… conductive.

That’s brill - looking into this now thanks @jeremydouglass!