Line(x,y,z,x2,y2,z2) not working in the editor (logged in)


Why does this line(0,0,0,100,100,100) give an error in the editor? It works in my local version.

Code is directly from the references:

EDIT: I just now see that it’s working once I’m logged out. It seems to be a problem with a11y of p5js. Once I’m logged in it also gives a warning about “createElement” being used in my code, which is not true.

Hi @somartist,

Sorry! I can’t reproduce it. It works for me in each case (logged in/out) without any warnings…

— mnse

Oh, I see. As I mentioned the error is around a11y.

Turn on screenreader features in the settings and voila.

It works for me as well, no error (when I am not logged in)

So I’m the only one that it happens? Well I see the code it breaks and can reproduce it over different devices and browsers.

Hello @somartist,

Using Google Chrome in Windows 10 and your accessibility selections:



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